How to look after your PVC Windows

What are PVC Windows?

uPVC or Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride windows are substantially stronger and longer lasting than any other frame products. They are likewise weather resistant significance they will not decay over time and you can ensure uPVC will not change shape under typical climate condition.

Another aspect of uPVC being the more inferior frame material is that it is the most energy efficient and it can also be used on doors in addition to conservatories.

Cleaning & Caring for PVC Windows

Routine Inspection

On a regular basis, you ought to examine whether your windows have any air leaks, fractures or problems with the hinges and locks. This is highly significant as you require to ensure your own safety.

A couple of times a year, make sure you use some WD-40 as it helps keep the locks and hinges moving effectively. This also stops them from stiffening.

How to clean up the frames

This procedure ought to be repeated at least two times a year, to make certain your windows are in the best condition possible. Follow this step by step process:

Take a clean cloth and remove any dust or dirt from the outside of the windows. A feather duster would be perfect to clean up the within.

Tidy the within the frames by reducing windows open and using a brush to get the particles out

Using the tube of a vacuum to get any remaining dust and dirt away

Using warm water and washing up liquid in a bowl and using a soft fabric, clean down the window frames inside and out

Make sure to utilize a white cloth every time to prevent staining.

It is optional to use a solvent cleaner from a hardware store if spots aren’t coming off however prevent anything extreme

How to clean the window glass

This procedure ought to be repeated monthly, possibly more throughout the winter months. Make certain to wait for a cloudy day as the sun can cause streaky windows. Follow this step by step procedure:

Take a damp fabric and clean everything down

Using warm soapy water, wipe down the windows and use kitchen towels to dry them and prevent streaks

An alternative is to use traditional glass cleaner nevertheless most people don’t find these to be effective

Other suggestions

If you have stiff window locks, lubricate them with some WD-40 so they are loose enough to open and ensure that appropriate cleaning takes place and is maintained.

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